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Our Roofing Company Can Install or Repair Any Type of Commercial or Residential Roof

Aline Roofing is your number one choice for a roofing company in town. Our experts will provide you with high quality installation, repair and maintenance to your residential, commercial, or public building. We live true to our roofing company slogan and make sure every roof is durable and safe, while utilizing integrity in our business operations. Roofing or contracting problems usually happen at inopportune times and with your busy lifestyle, you may not have the time nor the patience to worry about a complex problem such as roofing. So leave the problem to the experts at Aline Roofing, your best option for a residential and commercial roofing company in Fort Worth, TX. Call us today at (817) 984-9961!

If you are facing storm trauma and need repairs and assistance with insurance claims, contact our team or learn more for storm damage repairs! Our services include:

  • Emergency Roof Repair: Did a big storm absolutely tear up your roof and you need it repaired now? Our roofers can repair or replace your roof quickly and accurately.
  • Roof Leak Repair: Leaks can lead to other problems like mildew or ruined property if not patched. Call us for repairs.
  • Roof Wind Damage: Powerful wind can blow tile, slates, and shingles right off the roof. Call our roofers if you need roof wind damage repairs.
  • Roof Hail Damage: Hail can do a lot of damage. If it can dent metal car hoods, imagine what it can do to your asphalt shingle roof. We can replace those broken shingles.
  • Roof Insurance Claims: If your house got badly damaged in a storm and you need to file an insurance claim, we can help you with the process and repairs.

We Are A Roofing Company That Repairs Roofs Damaged By Storms

Our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction is unparalleled to any other roofing company and we guarantee that our job is not finished until the project has been approved by our expert on-site managers. Our roofing company offers full service for your residential, commercial, and public roofing systems. We also have expertise in other services such as window installment, gutter replacement, siding, and more.

Our mission to bringing you the best services from our team is non-comparable to other roofing companies in town. We are diverse in our services, so if you need anything other than roofing, please check out our other services page. Our roofing company treats your home or commercial business as if it were our own. For commercial and residential needs, contact the best residential and commercial roofing company in Fort Worth, TX to handle it the right way at (817) 984-9961!

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Our Roofers Can Install or Repair Any Type of Commercial Roof

Are you a business owner looking for a reliable and trusting roofing company to service your roofing needs? Aline Roofing is your best option for commercial roofing installation, repair, and maintenance in Fort Worth, TX.

Our roofing company has a wide array of commercial roofing services available to you at the highest quality. We even offer many roofing services that other roofing companies don’t. Check out all the roofing services that our commercial roofing company provides:

  • Commercial Metal Roofs Metal roofs last up to 50 years with little maintenance and make for great commercial roofs.
  • Industrial Roofing Industrial roofing needs to be tough to withstand all the chemicals, damage, and heat it endures. Our roofers will properly install them for you.
  • Cool Roofing Cool roofing helps to reflect the sun and cool your building temperature, lowering energy bills.
  • Flat Roofing There are so many choices for a flat roof, from coatings to gravel to green. We can help you pick the best one for your building.
  • Single Ply Roofing Single ply roofing is often waterproof coatings that help extend the life of your roof. Advanced coatings like torch down require a professional.

There are so many types of single-ply roofing, so here is a brief list of what each type does. Click the links below to go more into depth about the types of single-ply roofing.

We Also Provide Single-Ply Roofing Services

  • EPDM: The only single-ply roofing type that can be applied in any kind of weather, this liquid coating is long-lasting and the cheapest out of all the roof coatings.
  • PVC: Lasting for 20 years, PVC roofs are fire and weather resistant and reflective, helping to lower energy bills.
  • TPO: Considered the most environmentally-friendly single-ply roofing type, TPO uses no additive plasticizers to make itself UV resistant.
  • Torch Down: Even more dangerous than a hot mop, a torch down roof uses a flame thrower to melt rolls of felt to the roof. Definitely call a professional roofing company for this job.
  • Duro- Last: These waterproof single-ply membranes install over already-existing flat roofs to help extend the life of the roof.
  • Hot Mop: A hot mop roof is a roof covered in wood planks coated with melted asphalt. This is an extremely messy and dangerous job and should only be done by professionals.
  • Roof Coating: There are many variations of roof coatings, like rubber, polymer, or silicone. Some are waterproof, some help protect a roof from corrosion, and some help extend the life of a roof. Talk to our roofers at (817) 984-9961 to find out which roof coating would be best for you.

Our commercial roofing company in Fort Worth, TX offers a wide variety of services to satisfy your roofing needs. We at Aline Roofing are able to plan, design, and complete your roofing project, giving you the best customer service and top-quality. Call us at (817) 984-9961 for more information.

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

We Are The Roofing Company to Call If You Need Residential Roofing Repairs or Installations

There’s no place like home. Our roofing company realizes how important your roofing system is to your home and your family’s safety. Our roofing company has the resources to give you the highest quality roofing service in Aline Roofing. Your roof protects your household, and it’s the first thing most people notice when they pull up to your home. Our roofing company has the ability to service many different residential roofing systems, and our experts are committed to satisfying your needs whether you need, installation, maintenance or repair. When you hire a roofer from our company, you will only receive the highest quality services. From installation to replacement, Aline Roofing is your best option for installation, repair and maintenance services. Call our roofing company in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 984-9961 today! The links below provide additional information about our services at Aline Roofing!

  • Premium Roofing We would be happy to help install your new, luxurious roofing system! Learn more about our available solutions.
  • Residential Roofing Repair Missing a few shingles or need a slate put back into place? Call our roofers out to repair your roof quickly.

Premium Roofing

Premium Roofing

Call Us Today for Premium Roofing Installations

Tired of having your regular asphalt roof fall apart every couple of years and having to call for repairs? Consider upgrading to a premium roofing system, where the material is stronger and lasts decades longer. These types of roofing materials, like tile, wood, and slate, have been used for hundreds of years and are still used today because of how well they

There are many different types of synthetic and tile roofing. In fact, you can even get synthetic tile! With so many options, it can be hard to choose, but the roofers at Aline Roofing only have your best interest at heart and will work with your budget, house and roof design, and personal preference to get you a roof you love. Call our roofing company in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 984-9961 to set up an appointment.

Synthetic Roofing

Tile Can Come in Many Colors to Make Your Roof Stand Out

  • Synthetic Wood: Real wood shakes have many drawbacks like moss, termites, and fire. All of those are eliminated with synthetic wood shakes.
  • Synthetic Slate: Significantly cheaper and lighter than real slate, synthetic slate is the way to go. Looking almost identical, only people who know what real slate looks like will be able to tell the difference.
  • Synthetic Tile: Synthetic tile is great for when your roof is too heavy to support even the lightest option of tile (concrete), but you still want the Spanish-style look.
  • Synthetic Shingle: More expensive than regular shingles, but since they are synthetic, they do not break as easily as typical felt and asphalt shingles do.

Tile Roofing

  • Ceramic Tile: Lighter than clay but heavier than concrete tiles. Ceramic is the second most common tile type as it looks the most similar to real clay tile.
  • Clay Tile: The original. Extremely heavy, with one sheet weighing almost 1,000 pounds. Make sure to get your roof inspected to see if your house can support multiple sheets of this type of tile!
  • Concrete Tile: The cheapest and lightest choice, weighing about 10 pounds each. Concrete tiles need a little more maintenance than other tile types but is still very durable against the elements and completely waterproof.
  • Spanish Tile: If you are wanting a multicolored tile house like those seen in Spain and Italy, we offer Spanish tile installation. They are the most fragile of the tile types and therefore not as popular as the others.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

If You Need Metal Roofing, Call Us For Installation

Here at Aline Roofing, we offer metal roofing services for both residential and commercial buildings. We encourage the installation of metal roofing as it is one of the longest-lasting roofing systems. While costly upfront, your metal roof will show how affordable it is over time.

The only roofing system that is completely resistant to fire, metal is also very durable to all weather and is very energy efficient as it is entirely reflective. If you are interested in a roofing company that can install or repair all kinds of metal roofing in Fort Worth, TX, call Aline Roofing at (817) 984-9961.

Other Services

Other Services We Offer

From Schools to Government Offices, We Work on Any Project

We may be a roofing company, but roofing isn’t our only profession at Aline Roofing. From siding to skylights, our team can help with anything your house or building needs to be repaired or installed. We offer a few different services that are important to your residential or commercial building. Government projects tend to be more complex and involved than commercial and residential roof systems. At Aline Roofing, our roofing contractors are certified for government contracting. We complete all government contracts in an efficient, punctual manner and are unmatched to any other roofing company in Fort Worth, TX.

Because we work directly with our local government, our roofing company is a contributor for rehabilitation of areas we live in and renovations of places we visit. Seeking constructional service other than roofing for your project in Fort Worth, TX? Please don’t hesitate to call! Here are the different services other than roofing we do at Aline Roofing:

  • Gutters If you need repair or installation service for your current gutters, our construction team can help.
  • Siding Our roofing company provides services for various siding installation, maintenance, and repairs that are available to you.
  • Windows No matter the type, our roofing company can replace or install your residential or commercial building window with craftsmanship and the best skill

Windows Installation and Repair Are One Of The Other Services We Provide

We also specialize in window installation and repair. There are so many types of windows, and our roofing company can help you choose the best one for your home or office. Click on the links below to learn more about each individual window style.

  • Double Hung: Similar to single hung, but bigger, these are commonly seen by patios and decks to provide ventilation.
  • Single Hung: You probably have a single hung window right now. These are the windows that slide up vertically and the top half cannot be opened.
  • Low E: A special coating is applied to this glass to make it thicker so harmful UV rays cannot damage furniture and valuables like antiques or artwork that could get warped in the sun.
  • Vinyl: A popular choice due to its wood frame finish, affordability, and long-lasting effects.
  • Window Repair: Baseball gone through the glass in your window? Dog chew up the mosquito net lining? Frame cracking? Aline Roofing has got you covered for any kind of window repair.

Call us today at (817) 984-9961 to discuss your government roofing project with one of our expert roofing contractors. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

Contact Our Roofing Company Today

Our motto is “roofing with integrity, durability, and quality,” and we strive to give that to our customers every time. We have over 40 years of roofing experience, and our great reviews show it. At Aline Roofing, we do it all! So don’t hesitate to call at (817) 984-9961 if you are in need of a roofing company that can do general modifications to your commercial or residential buildings in the Fort Worth, TX area.